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May all beings be happy and free from suffering, and that means you! 


The writing of the illusory being behind BoBuReview, Paki S. Wright, has manifested in novels, screenplays, stage and radio plays, literary reviews and personal essays in newspapers/magazines (The New York Times Book Review, The Point Reyes Light, the Marin Independent-Journal, California Living, etc.); a book of humorous essays, "Patchy Coastal Fog:  From Manhattan to (West) Marin in 24 Not-so-Easy Stages;" a radio show on KWMR-FM about Tibetan Buddhism, "Om Mani Padme Huh?," and a clutch of Buddhist-themed screenplays and plays, including the winner of a Marin County Artist's Grant, "Liz's Strata," and "Madame Alexandra," about Alexandra David-Neel.


Wright wonders if her wondering mind isn't due to some family genetics, as she is a relative of the visionary inventor, Alexander Graham Bell. "Maybe I got my need to communicate from Bell, who was virtually the father of modern mass communication, which, for all its benefits, has undoubtedly added to our individual stress loads. Ironically, Buddhism's ancient insights into how the mind works and the benefits of Buddhist or mindfulness meditation are now being touted as adding to a healthy life in the stressed-out modern world." 

Wright became a Buddhist 20 years ago. After meeting Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche in Nepal and receiving pointing-out instructions from him, she became a student of his son, Tsoknyi Rinpoche, who is also an acclaimed Dzogchen meditation teacher; she currently lives in the high mountains of Crestone, Colorado. 

Wright's novel, "The All Souls' Waiting Room: A Black Comedy about Karma and Killing Yourself," tells the story of a girl who grew up as a psychiatric guinea pig in Greenwich Village during the McCarthy era -- and an after-death feud between Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and Wilhelm Reich about how to cure her of adolescent depression and suicidal fantasies.

Copies of "The All Souls' Waiting Room," for both paperback books and e-readers ($3.99) are now available

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Kachenjunga, Sikkim

Above photo taken by Paki S. Wright on pilgrimage to Nepal, India, Sikkim and Tibet in the mid-nineties; Kachenjunga in the background, an awesome and inspiring sight that never fails to remind me that there were and are living masters on the Earth.