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Buddhist Ethics and Wisdom Meet Contemporary Culture

Maitreya Buddha: Liberation on Seeing
Ghoom Monastery, Darjeeling

What does Buddhism, and Tibetan Buddhism in particular, have to say about controversial contemporary issues? Can ancient Buddhist wisdom really help us thrive in today's complicated world? How does Buddhist meditation help us live happier, saner lives? Do Buddhist ethics have relevance today? 

Buddhist masters have profound responses to modern-day dilemmas. BoBuReview was created by NY Times Book Review-published Buddhist author and long-time meditation student Paki S. Wright to share their wit and wisdom, help us make more sense of our modern-day lives, reduce unnecessary suffering, and create more happiness. Wright has studied under Tsoknyi Rinoche for decades, having received pointing out instructions from his venerable father, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, in Nepal.

Can we make life better for all sentient beings, including ourselves? Buddhism says Yes. Because it all starts in our own hearts and minds. 

Here's BoBuReview's idea of a great bumper-sticker:  

If you want to change your world,
mind your own mindstream.

"Paki, I was very happy to see the Review . . . if there were no bridge from bohemianism to spiritual practice I would not be living in an ashram and meditating today! Indeed, the step from dissatisfaction with things-as-they-are (or were) here in the industrial West through social change activism to spiritual growth is to my mind the development path for the vast majority of us sentient beings. . . many do not get beyond the second step (as Gandhi said of his colleagues, 'I was on the train to Rishikesh but they got off at Delhi').

"What the Review does is help them short-circuit that breakdown and get on with the journey.  Thanks and congratulations!" -- Michael Nagler, American Book Award-winner "The Search for a Nonviolent Future" 

"Lively, thoughtful essays" -- Christi Cox, Snow Lion

For Great Contemporary and Traditional Insights into Buddhist Meditation


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Paki S. Wright 
NEW ebook, "A Pretty Prison" 
After her cabin in Northern California burns down in a massive wildfire, Vista Dunn starts investigating and finds some unsavory truths about her world. 
Is she going crazy or waking up?
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"compelling ideas wrapped up in good writing" - L. L.
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Greetings, Dear Homsaps
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Earth changes abounding, life for Homo Sapiens being upgraded to 4-D. Are we ready? 
New York Times best-selling author of "Living on the Earth," Alicia Bay Laurel:
"Certainly the Earth as we know it is in a process of radical change . . . I predict [Wright's] book will move us homsaps into the joyous Fourth Dimension -- and beyond." 

DEMENTED: A Love Story
Can we get a shot at a new life after divorcing? Alicia Burrowes thinks so when she moves to Guatemala. She finds new friends, new creativity, and new love -- all of which come with a price. 
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Irrta From The Pleiades: Hopi Prophecy and the Holographic Multiverse

Irrta is a long short story about ETs who come to the American Southwest with a mission to meet up with Hopi elders in Arizona, and to help Earth through its current numerous crises. But is our planet ready for the truth?

The All Souls' Waiting Room:  A Black Comedy about Karma and Killing Yourself
 by Paki S Wright
5-Star Amazon Rating
Growing up in a circle of persecuted Reichians, Johnnine Hapgood tries the ultimate lights out, only to find herself in a bizarre in-between world, the All Souls' Waiting Room. Can we change our karma or not?
"... highly rewarding ... " - Norman Solomon, nationally-syndicated columnist
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