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Prayer for Fukushima

Famous Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, has an urgent plea
If you saw "What the Bleep," you'll remember the stunning sequence in which water crystals were shown after having been cursed at and, alternatively, blessed.
The difference was profound.  Masaru Emoto's "Messages from Water" describes how water absorbs our vibrations -- to an astonishing degree.  
After the earthquake and tsunami of 2011, Emoto put out a world-wide plea for us all to pray for the water in and around Fukushima, "to bless and thank the waters" that are being used to cool down the "angry reactors."  He gave a specific time and date but since this has passed, BoBuReview's suggesting any day, any time, anywhere, even just for a minute -- though noon in all time zones was what he proposed --  for us to treat the water around the ailing Japanese nuclear plant with our love and gratitude.  How could it hurt? We don't have much time for the world to pay attention and do everything possible to contain the 1,300 spent fuel rods dangling 100 feet above the ground at Fukushima Daichi; TEPCO and Japan don't have the resources to solve the problem. This may be our last chance to do something intelligent, if we act globally. Does the world care enough to save itself from horrific water and air-borne radioactivity, 85 x as much as Chernobyl? 
emoto-crystal.jpgWe are in a time when the solutions of man's "rational" mind aren't working well.  We need to call on all higher powers, especially our own, and make positive aspirations for our beleagured planet: May all beings be happy and have the causes of happiness, May all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering. This is a prayer for our times.